Welcome to Majicia, The Hotline! Majicia, LLC has been in operation since November 2018! The Owner, Alana, has been doing psychic readings for over 15 years. Alana had a dream of providing others with quality, vetted psychics that are relatable, accurate, friendly, hospitable, and able to provide clients with a safe-space for receiving intuitive messages with the upmost confidentiality and care. Alana believed that if people could relate, the message could & would be received better and enjoyed by the client! So, Majicia, The Hotline was born!

The psychic mediums here have been vetted and are vets in the game, meaning, we are professionals at what we do! Each & every one has unique gifts that provide unique, one-of-a-kind talents to the client so that the client is provided with experienced, exclusive, and knowledgeable service! Each psychic has an introduction and list of gifts that they use while providing the client with excellent, top tier readings!

So come on over, relax, sit at our table, and enjoy your experience with Majicia, The Hotline!

Want a personal reading or want to book a party with Alana?! Check her main website: http://majicia.com!

Brittany, Communications Team & Assistant for Majicia, LLC

Meet Brittany: The Assistant

Alana’s assistant, Brittany, has been around for years, and, now, she is a part of the Majicia, LLC family! Here is what Brittany has to say:

“My name is Brittany N. James, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be a part of the Majicia, LLC team. I am loyal, dependable and reliable, and I look forward to serving you and catering to your specific needs. Do know that any interaction with me is strictly confidential, yet accurate and professional. Any communication questions or concerns should be directed to me, and I’ll be more than happy to assist you the most efficient way I can.”

Often, you may hear from Brittany as she is a part of our communications team! Brittany brings compassion and understanding to the clients of Majicia, LLC while she handles their concerns & questions! She is highly skilled with what she does & handles situations with grace. Brittany’s skills brings customer service, pleasantry, and personality to clients whenever they need to voice their concerns about any issue! If they ever need to contact Majicia, LLC, she provides the avenues needed to address their needs.

Here is our contact info and you can also use our Contact Form!

Contact Number: (843) 309-4762

Contact E-mail: majiciathellc@gmail.com