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Want to be down with the Majicia Team?! You can apply HERE! When you apply, you will receive an e-mail stating that we received your request for an application! It will be reviewed and one of the Communication Team Members will reach-out to you about our interview process!

The interview is a 3-day process, as Alana will vet the prospective psychic herself, ensure accuracy, and ensure that the prospective psychic holds the same values as Majicia, LLC! After becoming a part of our team, you will be sent a Welcome! e-mail and what you need as a part of a team

Application Inquiries Should Be Entered Here! Please specify in your message that you are inquiring about being a Hotline Team Member!

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Psychic Mentee Program

Alana provides a Psychic Mentee Program for psychic mediums that may want to hone their skills! Our mentee program hones skills such as intuitive timing, accuracy, honing remote-view abilities, etc. Each mentee is vetted for abilities, then, a consultation is scheduled! After the consultation is done to see what you want to target as far as mentoring, mentoring begins! Our rates are $200/month, but A La Carte packages can be agreed upon! Alana only accepts 1-2 mentees per year due to time-constraints. Afterwards, the mentee will be offered an opportunity to join the Majicia Hotline Team!

Apply Here! Please specify in your message that you are inquiring about being a Psychic Mentee!

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Mentee Site Here: (Coming Soon!)