Welcome to Majicia: The Hotline!

Welcome, guys!

It’s amazing to finish this year with a BANG! Between officially being branded this year & then being able to expand the brand in a MAJOR way has been amazing!

This has been a dream of mine (for a while) to offer an exclusive hotline that carries hand-picked, vetted, and confident clairvoyants who are humble enough to hop on the lines and give the public what they want! When I’m doing my own personal readings on http://majicia.com, a lot of people have requested that I hop on a phone conversation with them, but I needed to figure-out a business structure conducive to want people wanted & here we are!

I am grateful, thankful, & blessed to be able to be connected to these women who I present to you on this hotline! These women have been vetted by me & I just love how they are able to be accurate every time I come to them! Also, I am on the hotline MYSELF, so I only want to bring the best for you! ALSO, don’t sell my assistant short! If she’s with me, you know she’s AMAZING in what she does!

Also, as this is the end of the year, I just wanted to take the time to reflect & tell you what moves have been made for Majicia, LLC in 2020:

-The business & site was professionally restructured & BRANDED! Talk about a feat!

-I will be offering oils & other purchases next year (they are in the works as we speak)!

-I became a brand ambassador for titan.clothing! EEK!

-I’m currently test-running an app for Majicia,LLC! Please e-mail majiciathellc@gmail.com if you want to be my beta tester so that I can launch!

-Last, but, not least, I launched a whole psychic hotline! DOUBLE EEK!!!!

I’m ecstatic! I can’t believe it has come this far & it’s just the beginning, honestly! I want you all to enjoy this & have a Happy Holidays from our family to yours!


Alana, Owner & Psychic Medium of Majicia, LLC

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