What We Do

Our psychic, intuitive readings are provided by phone-call or chatline! It’s truly your choice as a client! Readings are pre-paid before reaching the psychic, so, monetary funds can always be added to extend your phone-call or chat with your chosen psychic medium!

Readings Are Done By:

  • Tools, such as, tarot-cards, pendulums, crystal balls (yes, these can be read 😊), etc.! Whatever is the reader’s choice!
  • Intuitive gifts (i.e. clairvoyance [and all other sub-categories], remote-viewing, etc.! These are God-given gifts that Spirit only provides and are exclusive to that reader!
  • Guides – our Guardians protect us and often send messages to provide our clients.

When these readings are provided, they are immersive and often leave the reader feeling as if they were either in a therapy session or got to let out emotions or feelings that they did not have a safe-space for! What we do is provide that safe-space and confidentiality for you as a client so that you feel supported and understood, which, everyone has the right to feel when they need guidance for any area of their life.